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Hanover Safe Place (HSP) is a non-profit organization providing confidential services to persons experience domestic or sexual violence in Hanover County, VA and the Town of Ashland since the early 1990s. Included in these services are a free and confidential 24-hour crisis hot line, emergency shelter, support groups and case management.  Our Mission: to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault, provide services for victims, and create community awareness around these issues.

We are Unique a local volunteer group comprised of disabled & non-disabled young adults.                                          Here is their story:
Our group started as an idea that came to me through Rev. Stallings at Rouzie’s United Methodist Church. Her family had repackaged rice for Wheat during the Christmas holidays. As a parent of an adult with disabilities, I’m always looking for something that she and her friends can participate in and this was just a wonderful idea. After a few months of brain storming with the other parents, we came up with forming the group and to hopefully get other young adults to join so that it could be an all-inclusive group. It’s been a real miracle. We started out very slow and with a lot of hands on by the parents. Now our group is pretty self-sufficient and the parents are secondary. We have been meeting once a month since last March and do an average of 25 lbs of rice, beans and noodles at each meeting. They are also doing an average of 10 each of men’s and women’s personal needs bags. Some months they even do bags for kids. All personal needs products have been donated to us by various groups and churches. The rice, beans and noodles have either been donated or we have been given monetary donations in order to purchase them.Our goal is to be able to expand the group to include more people with disabilities and helpers and to be able to provide Wheat with more products. In order to do this we need a steady way of supplying the group with supplies.Since there are numerous churches involved with Wheat, we were thinking a good way to make sure we have a steady flow of goods would be to see if some of the churches would “adopt” our group. They could adopt us in a number of ways. (1) Pick a food item (rice, beans, noodles, dry milk, oatmeal, etc) and either donate bags of 25 lbs or more or donate funds for the group to purchase the items.  (2) Supply gallon and quart ziplock bags. We use 2 bags for every pound of food. (3) Collect personal needs items. Hard to get items are men’s and women’s deodorant, shaving cream, razors, hand towels and wash cloths. We accept any and all personal care items and it can be the travel size. Once we are “adopted” by a church, they could even host a “packaging.” Currently we rotate to each member’s house and do the packing and then socialize with light food. What a wonderful community event for your church to get to know these wonderful talented young adults. We can purchase all food and bags at the Richmond Restaurant Supply on Brook Road. We look forward to becoming an outreach program for the churches involved with Wheat.   For more information: Cathy Wilson  (804) 513-2910

Resurrection Disaster Relief   – (RDR) formed in Fall 2011 after a mission trip to Amory, MS. While there a team of volunteers saw lives healed through the rebuilding of homes. Our goal is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be His hands and feet. The book of Hebrews, chapter 3 verse 4 states “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God”. We believe that it is through God that this team and mission is possible. Our purpose is to show the love of Jesus when disaster strikes… natural, spiritual, physical, mental, or financial. Resurrection Disaster Relief is a volunteer-based non-denominational ministry rebuilding homes and lives.

Help The Hungry: Was started in 2011 as a 4H project by Katie Goodman, a member of the South Anna 4H. Mission: To help educate and raise awareness to food insecurity in Hanover County and to collect donations to support the organizations in Hanover County that help those in need: ACES, MCEF & WHEAT. Since 2011 Help the Hungry has helped 11,383 people and will continue to give support by collecting canned and non-perishable foods, fresh produce and monetary donations. In 2012, Help the Hungry started “Free Vegetable Thursdays” and distributed over 300 pounds of fresh produce to families attending the Summer Lunch Program at John M. Gandy Elementary. She continued with handing out vegetable at the Hanover County Parks and Recreation summer program. If you would like more information on how you or your organization can make a difference, or would like to Katie to speak to your organization, you can contact her at: or on Facebook at

  • “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.” – Muhammad (570–632 CE)